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IGPA Mentorship

Young Growers Groomed For Leadership

Program Overview

IGPA’s mentorship program, sponsored by the Idaho Wheat Commission and the National Barley Growers Association, helps foster leadership in younger growers and offers them the opportunity to see the inner workings of their grain-grower organizations.

“As a more senior member of the IGPA Executive Committee (I’m old), I feel a responsibility to help develop new leadership for our industry,” said IGPA President Joe Anderson.

“Giving hands-on experiences to newer, younger, less-experienced members who show an interest ignites the spark. Fear and intimidation generated by the new and unknown very quickly turn to confidence and commitment,” he said.

IGPA Vice President Dwight Little said the mentorship program is good for farmers and the organization.

“We’re developing young men and women to eventually take over leadership of Idaho Grain Producers. The mentorship program exposes them to our national organizations and the work that they do and allows them to see how their dollars are being spent,” he said.

“This knowledge and experience can then radiate back to their community,” he said. “It also allows growers to connect with IGPA leadership so they feel more comfortable bringing issues to the organization.”

It also gives young growers a chance to get off the farm and see parts of the world they might not otherwise see, he said.  “Overall, it’s a great program — developing leaders is critical to our organization,” he said.

Five such up-and-coming leaders just returned from the annual mentorship trip to Washington, D.C., where they were able to connect one on one with legislators and the movers and shakers at their national organizations.

Taking up the gauntlet this year are Adam Young, a wheat and barley grower from Blackfoot; Jake and Ashley Ozburn, barley growers from Soda Springs; and Cordell and Jamie (new IGPA executive board member) Kress, wheat growers from Rockland.

They talk about their farms and their experiences at the nation’s Capitol in the profiles that follow.

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IGPA Mentor Program Outline

Current and Past Particpants